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Japanese Zen Shakuhachi Flute, with Ryan Sullivan

Sunday, August 20th

10 am – 11:30 am

We'll begin this unique Sunday morning program with a silent meditation.  Then, we'll be immersed in the sounds and sights of Ancient Japan.

Wearing the Basket Hat and Robes of the Monks of Empty Nothingness, Ryan Sullivan transports listeners to the age of Komuso. The traditional Zen songs of Priests and Samurai are Sound Meditations like no other. History and Philosophy will also be discussed along side personal stories from the journey of Shakuhachi.

Ryan Sullivan has traveled  to study Shakuhachi with the world's best players in Japan, France, Czech Republic and the United States. He practices, teaches, and crafts flutes in Tallahassee, Florida.  For more info, visit

Suggested Donation

$15 Members

$20 Non-Members

Nonmembers, register below, $20

Members, $15

Portraiture is Castillo´s life-long passion. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Lima, Perú. During the 70?s he relocated to New York City where he became very successful as a fashion illustrator for exclusive boutiques and stores. During this time, he prepared himself as a portrait painter. José María was an art instructor at the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico, did demonstrations at several institutes, and taught private classes. More recently, he has taught at the Von Liebig Art Center in Naples, and has taught private portraiture classes. He currently lives in the Naples, Florida area with his wife, Ivette Gomez. 

Art and the Consciousness of Oneness with Jose Maria Castillo
Ongoing, the last Saturdays of every month. Next Workshop:  August 26th, 10 am to noon.
Suggested donation:  $25 for Nonmembers.  $20 for OMZ members and students. 
Space is limited.  Please register below. 

This series of workshops has become an Open Mind Zen favorite!  Interactive, educational, and inspiring!  The nature of art is to bring together and unify the artist and the object.  Jose Maria Castillo is a renowned international portrait artist and teacher.  He has studied the great masters of painting and the great spiritual masters for over forty years.  His many years of study and practice have allowed him to combine his art and his spirituality.  For Jose Maria, art is spirituality, and spirituality is art.  He invites everyone to experience art as Oneness Consciousness.  To experience art as Oneness Consciousness, we do not need to know how to draw or paint.  We only need to wake up to the artist within each of us. Through this process we can experience peace, compassion, freedom, and joy.  

Attendees should bring the following supplies, all available at Michael's on Pine Ridge Road in Naples.


Nonmembers, please register here for August 26th, $25.  

Open Mind Zen Members, please register here:  $20.  


Friday, June 24th


6:30pm doors open, show starts at 7pm.

7pm storytelling performance

8pm open-mic poetry

8:30pm tea and social time


Suggested Donation: $30

Selves in a Box Workshop with Sensei Al

Saturday, September 2, 2017, 1 pm - 5 pm

Cost: $35 for OMZ Members, 

       $45 for Nonmembers

Although we normally view ourselves as a unified whole, we are actually comprised of multiple inner aspects we can call selves or voices. These voices are the ones we "hear" in our head that constantly vie for our attention and often govern how we react to the issues and relationships in our lives. When out of balance, they can cause considerable suffering to ourselves and others.

Selves in a Box is a deck of cards based on the Voice Dialogue work of Hal & Sidra Stone developed by their daughter, Tamar Stone. Through working with the various selves in a structured way, we can gain tremendous insight into how and why our habits influence everything around us. They can be an essential tool to attaining emotional and spiritual balance in a fun and non-threatening environment.

This workshop will include experiential techniques that will help you in your spiritual and psychological quest no matter which disciplines you practice. No prior experience is necessary.

Nonmembers, Please register below, $45.

OMZ Members, $35